South Carolina Hall of Fame Nominations

Nominating Procedures

Persons born in South Carolina who obtained recognition and esteem elsewhere and persons born elsewhere but who made their home in the state of South Carolina and obtained recognition in this state, as well as persons born in South Carolina and who obtained esteem and recognition in this state, are eligible for induction. One contemporary and one deceased citizen may be inducted into the Hall of Fame annually. The nominee in the latter category must be deceased ten years.

The confederation of South Carolina Local Historical Societies is the official organization for selecting nominees for the South Carolina Hall of Fame. Each of the Confederation's 10 districts will select one contemporary and one deceased nominee - thus presenting 10 contemporary and 10 deceased nominees to the judging board annually. Nominations should be sent to the member historical society in the district of which the nominee is a native. The nominations of persons not native to the state should be sent to the historical society where he or she lived while in the state.

If you would like to nominate a South Carolinian for the Hall of Fame, please access and print the nomination form and a list of the Historical Societies' addresses. Please print the nomination form and forward it to the appropriate Historical Society as described above.