South Carolina Hall Of Fame: Sgt. William Jasper

Sgt. William Jasper

Born-(Died): 1750-1779
Profession: Soldier
Inducted: 2000

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Sgt. William Jasper distinguished himself as a patriot during the American Revolution. He was probably born in the vicinity of Georgetown, South Carolina. During the bombardment of Sullivan's Island by a British fleet on June 28, 1776, Jasper recovered the South Carolina flag after it had been shot from its staff and, in the face of deadly fire, attached it to a sponge-staff and remounted it upon the walls of the fort. Jasper later accompanied D'Estaing and Lincoln in the assault upon Savannah in 1779, and was killed on October 9, while planting the colors of the 2nd South Carolina Infantry upon the Spring Hill redoubt. A monument to Jasper was erected in Savannah, and Jasper County, South Carolina was named in his honor.