South Carolina Hall Of Fame: Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson

Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson

Born-(Died): 1767-1845
Profession: U.S. President
Inducted: 1979

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Born in the Waxhaws area of South Carolina, Jackson was instilled with the fiery determination of his Scots-Irish parents and as a young revolutionary was wounded and imprisoned before his fourteenth birthday. He preferred soldiering to politics despite serving in both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate from Tennessee. At the outbreak of the War of 1812, Jackson was elected as a major general. His string of victories was capped by the defeat of the British at the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson was elected President of the United States in 1828 and reelected in 1832. The Jacksonian era was marked by nationalism, the rise of common democracy, the spoils system and the birth of the Democratic Party.