South Carolina Hall Of Fame: Thomas Green Clemson

Thomas Green Clemson

Born-(Died): 1807-1888
Profession: Diplomat
Inducted: 1988

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Thomas Green Clemson achieved a considerable reputation as a mining engineer, a pioneering thinker, a theorist in agricultural chemistry, a gifted writer, a diplomat, and a philanthropist. Born in 1807 in Philadelphia, he was educated in the United States and France. His service includes the offices of charge d'affaires to Belgium and United States Superintendent of Agricultural Affairs. In 1838 he married Anna Maria Calhoun, daughter of John C. Calhoun, and lived at the Calhoun estate, Fort Hill, from 1865 until 1888. Upon his death he left a cash endowment and the Fort Hill estate for the establishment of an educational institution for agriculture and sciences. This institution, named Clemson College in his honor, later became present-day Clemson University.