South Carolina Hall Of Fame: Maude Callen

Maude Callen

Born-(Died): 1898-1990
Profession: Nurse/Midwife
Inducted: 1990

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Maude Callen, as a nurse and midwife, spent more than a half century serving the poor people of Berkeley County, South Carolina. Born in Quincy, Florida, she was educated at Florida A & M and took a nursing course before moving to Berkeley County in 1923. She spent 13 years in the Pineville area as a nurse and midwife before joining the Berkeley County Health Department. Her work, which included training hundreds of midwives, took her to all parts of Berkeley County. In 1952 Life magazine published a 12-page photographic profile of her work, telling of her service to the rural poor of her county as doctor, dietitian, and psychologist. The article generated $27,000 in contributions, which were used to construct a modern clinic in Pineville where she worked until her retirement. Her service to humankind earned her the Alexis de Tocqueville Society Award from the United Way and the Jefferson Award of the American Institute for Public Service.