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The South Carolina Hall of Fame is located in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, 21st Avenue North and Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was designated as the "Official" South Carolina Hall of Fame, and signed into law by Governor Jim Hodges on September 21, 2001.

The purpose of the South Carolina Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor both contemporary and past citizens who have made outstanding contributions to South Carolina's heritage and progress.

2016 South Carolina Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2016 induction ceremony was held on April 27th at the Citadel Holliday Alumni Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dave Drake, known as Dave the Potter, was an enslaved African American and influential American Artist, Sculptor and Poet who lived in Edgefield, SC and produced stoneware pieces of great size and beauty. His highly valued work is part of many important museum collections. Dave was honored as the 2016 posthumous inductee.

Joeseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayor of Charleston from 1975 to 2016, was honored as the 2016 contemporary inductee. He was greatly responsible during his ten-terms in office for the redevelopment and historical preservation efforts of downtown and guiding Charleston to become one of the top rated tourist destinations in the world.

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